Persimmons for Pooches: The Latest Research in 2023

Are you curious if your pup can share in the deliciousness of a persimmon? Well, wonder no more!

I’ve done all the research for you so that you can give your pup a tasty treat without having to worry about any potential health risks.

Read on to learn more about if dogs can eat persimmons!

Yes, persimmons are safe for dogs to eat, provided that the fruit is ripe and served without the seeds or pit. This juicy fruit contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making it a healthy snack for pooches. Nevertheless, the seeds and pit can cause intestinal blockage leading to different health issues so they should be removed before serving. Moderation is essential when giving your pup this juicy fruit as it is in fiber and sugar.

Nutritional value

nutritional value of one medium size persimmon

What Are the Different Types of Persimmons?

Persimmons are divided into two main categories – astringent and non-astringent.

The non-astringent are Fuyu, Eureka, Giombo, Great Wall, Hachiya, Izu, Jiro, Maekawa Jiro, Media, and Saijo.

Fuyu is the most popular among the cultivated varieties, also known as Oriental persim, Japanese persims or kaki.

Hachiya and Fuyu are two locally grown persims with beautiful cinnamon notes, perfect for fall.

Hachiya has a more astringent texture and needs to be very ripe before eating.

Benefits of Persimmons for Dogs

  • Rich in Essential Vitamins: This juicy fruit is packed with essential vitamins that support your pooch’s health.
  • Improved Immunity: It has vitamin C which helps to improve your pooch’s immunity and protect against heart diseases.
  • Anti-Cancer Properties: They contain anti-cancer properties that may help to prevent cancer.
  • Good Eyesight: The vitamins A, C, and beta-carotene promote good eyesight.
  • High Fiber Content: They are high in fiber, which can aid digestion and help your dog feel fuller for longer.
Can dogs eat Persimmon

Are Persimmon Seeds and Pits Safe for Dogs?

The pits and seeds of this juicy fruit are not toxic, but they can cause a choking hazard. To be safe, owners should remove the pit and all of the seeds before feeding their K9 friends this tasty fruit.

How Much Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs should only be given in moderation. Because it is very high in fiber and can cause intestinal blockage if not consumed in moderation. Before feeding your furry friend, ensure that the fruit is ripe and remove the seeds and pit.

Are Ripe or Unripe Persimmons Better for Dogs?

a dog is looking at persimmons

Ripe persimmons are perfectly safe, but unripe can be poisonous because they contain a toxic compound called divicine. So it is best to feed your furry friend only ripe.

How to Prepare This Juicy Fruit For Dogs

Remove the seeds and pits, as they can cause intestinal blockage.

Also peel the skin off, as this will reduce the chances of any choking hazards.

If you want to add a bit of flavor, you can dice up the fruit and mix it with some plain yogurt or applesauce for a tasty treat.

What Are The Risks of Feeding Your Dog Persimmons?

  • The seeds and pit can cause intestinal blockages
  • It is a high-fiber fruit, so too much of it can cause upset stomach or diarrhea.

Are Other Fruits Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Yes, In addition to this juicy fruit, other fruits that can be safely enjoyed by dogs include apples, bananas, mango, strawberries, and blueberries. Maraschino Cherries should be avoided at any cost. Further, fruits should be given in moderation so as not to upset a pup’s stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Skin?

Yes, dogs can eat persimmon skin in moderation. The skin is a great source of vitamins C and A, as well as antioxidants.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Leaves?

Yes, dogs can eat persimmon leaves in moderation. Leaves are a good source of fiber and contain vitamins C and A. However, too much fiber can cause gastrointestinal issues, so moderation is key.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Meat?

Yes, but their diet should be monitored carefully.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmon Pudding?

Yes, dogs can eat persimmon pudding in moderation, but it is important to remove the seeds and make sure they are fully ripe. The butter and sugar in the pudding may not be suitable for diabetic or obese canines.

Are Unripe Persimmons Poisonous?

No, unripes are not poisonous. But they contain tannins which can cause an unpleasant taste and astringent feeling.


Feeding persimmons to your dog can be beneficial if done in moderation and in the right way. Dogs can enjoy the natural sweetness of this juicy fruit and benefit from their nutritional content, but it is important to remember that they should never eat the pit or seeds and that they should only eat small amounts. When feeding to your k9, it is important to take into account their individual dietary needs and any potential health risks. By following these guidelines, you can safely share this delicious fruit with your furry friend.


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