What Are The Benefits Of Carrots? Can dogs eat it?


Are you looking for a healthy snack to give your pup? If so, then you’re in luck! Carrots are a …

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2023’s Must-Know Guide: Can Your Dog Safely Eat Longan?

A bowl full of longan fruit

Are you curious about what human foods your pup can and can’t eat? If you’re wondering if dogs can eat …

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Can Dogs Eat Durian Fruit? The Facts You Should Know

a dog and durian fruits

Many pup owners ask me: can dogs eat durian fruit? You may know that durio is a tropical fruit that …

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Is Mangosteen fruit a No-Go or a Go-Go for Your Pooch? A Nutritionist Explains

A dog with mangosteen fruit

I often get asked about the safety of different types of fruits and vegetables for dogs. One fruit that I …

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