Vintage Villanova? Maybe Not. Does It Matter?

This Wildcats team may not be as talented as Jay Wright’s two championship squads

But they proved their worth in a hard-nosed win that puts them back in the Final Four.


Villanova guard Collin Gillespie grabbed the final rebound and sprinted across the court at the AT&T Center

He threw the ball toward the ceiling and unleashed a medieval scream. Anyone who caught that moment, brief as it was, n

would never have believed that Villanova and its Super Senior guard had just won a game so ugly, and so bruising, that it left a mark—several, really—that could be felt next week in New Orleans.

The contrast was evident immediately, the gulf between what Villanova had accomplished and how much it had cost them made painfully clear

While fans waved signs that read WE BELIEVE and the Wildcats’ mascot hopped on the back of a male cheerleader,