This One Simple Trick Will Put an End to Your Dogs’ Food Fights – Guaranteed!

Are you dealing with two dogs fighting over food? Do meal times often turn into a battle of wills between your furry friends?

Don’t worry, this blog post is here to help.

I’ll provide advice on how to handle the situation, as well as some tips for teaching your dogs better mealtime manners. Read on to find out more!


It is not uncommon for dogs to fight over food, but it is possible to intervene and prevent the conflict. The first step is to ensure the dogs have their own separate eating areas.

This will help them to feel secure and reduce stress or anxiety. Moreover, provide enough space and resources for both dogs so they do not feel territorial or threatened when eating.

Introductions are also important, as they allow the dogs to become more familiar with each other and reduce the possibility of aggression. Finally, removing meal bowls and feeding separately can help reduce any food aggression that may occur.

Separate Eating Areas

Ensure that your K9 have separate eating areas while they are eating. If you have the space to put their bowls across the room from each other, that can help them feel more secure.

Further, start your dog’s meal by giving them food by hand, and use your hands to put the food in the bowl. This will give it your scent and help the pups understand that you are in control of the food.

You can also put them in separate areas while one eats, or feed them from separate bowls, one for each.

Keeping them apart from each other while they are fed, with each bowl in a different room if possible, can help to prevent fights over food.

Provide Sufficient Space

Providing sufficient space for your K9 when they eat is an important component of preventing food aggression.

They need to have their own space while they’re eating, and it’s best to provide each with its own feeding area in a different room.

If your pups are very close, you can feed them in the same room, but make sure to give each dog its own bowl, preferably at least five feet apart.

You can also provide a barrier between the bowls like a baby gate or crate so the dogs won’t be able to see each other while they eat.

This will help reduce any potential tension or competition while they eat.

Food Aggression

Food aggression is a form of resource guarding where dogs get territorial about their food.

They can exhibit food aggression or get reactive when they feel like their food is threatened by another dog. Introduce the new pup slowly and to stop free feeding.

By providing sufficient space and feeding them separately, owners can help prevent food aggression.

Training should also be done to provide the dogs with proper manners when it comes to eating, such as having them wait in a “waiting spot” for you to fill their bowls and put the bowls down.

Supervised eating is also recommended so that owners can observe the interactions between the dogs and take corrective action if needed.


Introductions are an important part of addressing food aggression between dogs. It’s best to start slowly and carefully when introducing your dogs to each other.

Start by feeding them in separate rooms so they can’t see each other. After a few days or weeks, open the door so the dogs can see one another.

Allow them to approach each other but don’t force them together. If done correctly, this can help build a friendly relationship and reduce any feelings of competition when it comes to food.

To ensure food security, stop free feeding and feed twice a day, making the dogs wait in a “waiting spot” for you to fill their bowls.

If your K9 appears to be stressed or refuses to eat during these exercises, it may be best to seek professional help.

Removing Meal Bowls

If you observe a fight over food, it is vital to remove the meal bowl or food items immediately to reduce the chance of a future altercation.

This can be especially helpful if one dog is more dominant and tends to try to take the food from the other.

If you remove the meal bowl, you can prevent future fights by providing sufficient space and introducing them properly. It is also essential to feed them separately and provide supervised meals if needed.

You should also be aware of any signs of aggression and take steps to reduce it.

Feeding Separately

One way to prevent fighting over food is to feed the dogs separately.

Feed them in separate rooms so they cannot see each other.

This is an effective way to prevent food aggression and ensure that each pup is getting the proper nutrition. Ensure that each dog has enough space for their meal and that they are not crowded or bothered by other dogs during feeding time.

Also, pick up the dish after mealtime and avoid free-feeding dogs who fight or get aggressive over food.

With consistent practice, feeding the dogs separately can help prevent fighting over food and create a more peaceful eating environment.


Training is a great way to help your K9s become better-behaved when it comes to food. Start by teaching them basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”.

Reward them with treats for following the commands and practicing in different situations.

You can also try to create a calm atmosphere while they are eating and practice calming behaviors, such as lying down or walking away from the meal bowl.

Furthermore, you can work on desensitizing them to both their own meal bowl and other dogs’ meal bowls by having them approach the area slowly and calmly.

With patience and consistency, you can help your K9s learn to be polite around food and reduce their stress levels.

Supervised Eating

Supervised Eating is a great way to ensure that dogs do not fight over food. It involves having an owner or other responsible adult present during mealtime to ensure that all pups involved in the meal remain calm and respectful.

Let one dog wait in his own spot until it is its turn to eat, and then the owner or adult can watch to make sure there is no aggression between the dogs.

Additionally, hand-feeding can be used to reinforce positive behaviors and help build trust between the dogs.

The key is to ensure that each pup has a separate spot and is given enough space to feel comfortable while eating.

With consistent supervision, it is possible to create a safe and peaceful eating environment where all involved can enjoy a meal without getting into a fight.


Remember that food aggression between dogs can be normal behavior.

To ensure that your K9s don’t fight over food, be sure to provide them with adequate space, separate eating areas, and remove meal bowls when they’re not in use.

Additionally, introducing new dogs to each other in a controlled environment and providing them with enough toys and treats can help to reduce competition.

If food aggression is an issue, training is essential to help dogs understand proper etiquette around meals.

Finally, always supervise your K9s when they are eating and make sure their meals are provided at specific times.

By following these tips, you can help keep the peace in your home and prevent food aggression between your canine friends.


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